Only one horn works

I installed a used train horn kit and only the big horn will blow air whats wrong with my horn

Are the hoses all the same length?

Yes they are all 3 different sizes

No they are 3 different lengths

Welcome to the forum. Have you checked each horn individually? The others may have clogged ports, bad diaphrams, or who knows what else that could hinder them. Hose length could be an issue but I’m not very horn knowledgeable.

I have not individually inspected them yet was just trying to get some insight on them to see where I need to start

Each air hose to the horns must be the EXACT same length or they will not blow together.

There is only one hose that feeds to all 3

OK sorry. I am not familiar with that model. Mine has four separate horns. My friend learned the hard way that all hoses must be the same length. Kept me from making the same mistake. Good luck!

Put a piece of hose onto the inlet and blow through it just using your lungs. If you can push air through some of the bells, then you’ve got issues with the internal seals/diaphragms and would need to look at rebuild or repair.