Optimal Psi to run horns at?

Currently i have a small compact 110psi i think its a .5 gallon tank/compressor combo with the 3 chime horn. If i wanted to upgrade my horns to the 4 trumpet conductor’s special or even a nathans airchime will 110psi be to little to get the full effect out of the horns or should i be looking at 150psi+? Trying to figure out if my air management will work with other horn’s. Thanks for the info.

well i can tell you right know that you will get nothing off of that .5 air tank. i bet you can honk your 3 chime horn and the compressor will kick on. you need to upgrade your air tank/ compressor…move up to the conductors special…

I have a 2 gallon tank and have the conductors special. I personally wouldnt run anything smaller than that… with that being said I love the sound of mine at 145 psi but the 200psi ones sound amazing as well


I also have the 4 trumpet shocker and a 3 gal tank that i had from my old setup and i wish i had at least 5 gal of air now… i can get a solid 2-3 sec honk and my compressor wont kick on. If i go beyond that, it kicks on and fills it back up to 150psi.

This summer i am planning on getting a 5gal tank, or hooking up another 3 gal tank to it that i have just sitting around.

silvy , the piggy back tank works real well.had 2 fives piggy backed end to end. then upgraded to 19 gallon. now have plenty of air for horns and tire filler tool.twin 400 viairs with a K5. :eek::smiley:

hey 06bspxr you should add 2 more compressors to your 19 gallon tank…

what is your fill time on your tank from 0 TO YOUR END PSI

I second that. ViAir’s warranty is voided when you use a single compressor like a 400c on more than 5 gallons of air. So you def. should add two more compressors.

What is it viair recomeneds one compressor to every 5 gallons of air. ???

I have the 4 horn shocker w/ a 5 gal. tank, 1 viair 400( will be 2 soon). I am very happy with the set up. I just built a box to enclose the compressor and tank to reduce the noise. It is located in the bed of my truck, the box also protects it from from hauling firewood in the winter. I’ll post pictures when it’s complete…

At their given maximum operating pressure, yes. You can make by with a compressor running under operating pressure with a slightly larger reservoir.

Example: 480C (Maximum operating pressure 200PSI) running a 6 gallon tank at 150 would be acceptable.

I would say as a rule of thumb all that matters is how long the compressor is running. If the pump takes 3 minutes to fill from 165 to 200 on a 5 gallon tank, then it would be okay running 3 minutes to fill from 110 to 145 PSI on a 7 gallon tank.

Lance, let me know if I’m wrong.

well it takes me about 15 mins to fill my tank and about 5 mins from 165 200… and i have 4 480cs…time for an xd3000…not fast enough for me…