Orange park,fl checking in!

So glad to see a forum dedicated to train horns and the people that love em.! :smiley:

Now, how to get the word out and get this place MOVING!!

Post the forum site everywhere!

Welcome!! and yes! Please Spread The Word!!!

I have a banner if any of you would like to use it.

Its crude but it works. Post it up everywhere!

The url is

if i still had my photoshop i would make an awesome banner!
ima probabaly try to re get it

Banner looks good nice simple and gets the point across!!!

OK Tiernan, when does the forum get a spiffy skin, eh?

already posted with in minutes after I got the e-mail on custom taco’s. would have posted it up on XR underground but I’m banned for life!! LOL!:smiley:

why did u get banned for life?

scaredu, long story made short alot of petty jealousy ,over moderating, webmaster is a coolaide drinker hypocrite reminds me of jim jones and the koolaid drinkers that follow his every call. he has personally responded to me that its his own little world and he controls it all. I shoot from the hip, opinionated yes but too old to be playing high school headgames with people under 30 that have to prove to their pals that they can push me too far and get me boooted,all the while the webmaster watches the spectical unfold but as soon as I fire back the whiners cry to daddy and he gives me the heave ho!I lovingly refer to it as ROMPER ROOM!:smiley: ASK DALLAS COWBOYS ALSO ABOUT ROMPER ROOM.:smiley:

Tiernan, how about supplying the html code so people can put it on their myspace, facebook, etc pages as a link to the forum???

Dooo it…