Out With The Wolo, In With The Nathan!

Hello all, I just wanted to introduce myself and post about my recent install.

I finally ditched the Wolo horns, along with the one gallon tank, for a bit of an upgrade. :cool: I purchased a K5LA kit from realtrainhorns.net and I’m very happy with the outcome.

Bells 4 & 5 are facing forward, while bells 1 - 3 face rearward along the passenger side frame rail. All horns are mounted with 10 - 15 degree downward angle to aid in draining any possible moisture.

I mounted the 8 gallon tank and two OB2 compressors in the bed, underneath my Pace Edwards cover.

Nothing blows like a Nathan Airchime! :smiley:


Welcome! Nice job! Post an audio clip please.

The second video (the dark one) was taken in North Carolina at a distance greater than 1.2 miles (as a crow flies).



Very nice horns, install and video. Thank you.

Nice! :D:D and welcome

Hello & welcome from across the pond!:smiley:

Welcome from west coast.

Welcome!! Awesome setup!!!

Nice man, trying to get me a set soon hopefully!!


Thanks guys!

Its hard to not blow it every time I drive my truck! :smiley: I try to resist the temptation due to the on / off nature of an electric valve. I just ordered a manual valve that I’ll run in parallel to the electric, so hopefully I can feather it when appropriate. However, I have no idea where I’m gonna mount it in my cab. The goal is to keep the install neat and clean so my interior isn’t cluttered.

Dont feel bad, there’s no shame in honking!!! When mine was installed I can say i blew it AT LEAST once per trip!!! Mine was highly visible though and I’d get people doing the “pull cord motion” on a regular basis!!! They are a blast!!:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D

I also struggled with the manual valve inside my truck… once i settled on a location then it was a nightmare to run the air lines. Its worth the effort though, that valve just adds a cool factor thats hard to beat!

are the brackets the horns mounted on the kit from realtrainhorns.net