Outlaw 232 Compressor


I have installed the outlaw 232 and have compressor problems. The wiring has been done according to the diagram but at 23 psi the compressor really struggles and almost cuts off. I have check for leaks and all of the wiring but still cannot get any more pressure?

Any thoughts?

Tank size?

Kinks in the line?



It is a 2 gallon tank. I have checked the lines for leaks and no kinks. I can upload pictures later. So far the only option is to send the compressor in for a warranty check.

Unscrew the line going to the tank and let it run … let us know what happens.


Once the compressor line is removed from the tank, it runs good. I removed the check valve and get the same results, the compressor almost stops.

Another thing to check is the ground. Make sure it is attached to bare shiny metal.

The ground is good, attached to the bed.

Run a second to the frame. Running it to the bed might not be enough. Use a good set of jumper cables to do it to handle the load and see if there is any change.


Check valve installed the correct direction?
Arrow points towards the tank.

Thanks everyone, the horn is now working!