Outlaw 232

I installed the outlaw 232 and have one problem, might be missing a part… on the air tank I have all but one plug filled, the top hole I have the I guess you call it pressure release valve with the key ring, bottom is the drain wing nut, side of tank pressure gauge, and a rubber cap on the other side hole. What’s missing? Everything works but when the tank fills it blows the rubber cap and I lose all the air in the tank. Gave it a test run just before it blows and holy crap it’s loud!! I’m having trouble attaching pictures here also?

Sounds like you are missing a part. That tank should have 6 ports.

  1. Compressor
  2. Relief valve
  3. Drain valve
  4. Pressure switch
  5. Pressure gauge
  6. Air line out to horns.

Thanks! It was tough finding a spot to mount things on these newer trucks, 2015 Colorado LT crew cab. I’m gonna call the company tomorrow.

So here is the results straight from HornBlaster… the pressure switch get screwed into the tank.