Outlaw 3000 problem/question

Hey everyone,

I am new to the train horn scene, but not new to the car and truck customization scene. I purchased the outlaw 3000 kit from Hornblasters this week and I finally got around to installing it today. Well first off let me tell anyone that Hornblasters had amazing customer service and got me my kit fast! Well now my problem after I hooked everything up and powered it up the compressor came on, the tank filled up and the pressure switch shut it off just like it should THANK GOD!!! :)Well now the problem lies in the horn or the valve to the horns I believe. When I hit the horns it sounds like only two horns or blowing and it is a high pitch sound/honk, but if I tap the switch a few times fast, I can hear all 3 horns and it sounds like it should. So, does anyone have any ideas as to what it could be? :confused:

Sometimes the Valves supplied by the company that manufactures the horns are faulty, But second question, What pressures are you running them at?

150, The pressure switch is a 150/100. Running a Viar380 compressor with a 3 gallon tank.

I have a call in with hornblasters and I am awaiting their call back. Also, I have a buddy who has the S4 kit on his truck and man those horns are crazy. I am going to see if they will let me upgrade to those horns and I pay a difference… :FINGERS CROSSED:

s4 is the poop

the s4 are the perfect train horn is price, size, psi, and chord

If anybody would let you exchange those horns, it would be Hornblasters!

Well, I spoke with a rep yesterday and he said it may be something stuck in the diaphragm. I took the horns out of my truck (which was a pain in the donkey), took them apart and nothing… So I put them back together just to see if that helped and just hooked them up outside of the truck and still the same sound. So I will be calling them and going to get them warrantied and hopefully get those s4.

Well Hornblasters did allow me to upgrade to the Shocker S4 horns and warranty out my Outlaw horns. Thanks to Rigo at Hornblasters for all of his help.

told u u wont be upset with HORNBLASTERS