P5 max air pressure?

Well my system is 200psi as I run a set of k5la’s but I want to throw a set of p5’s in as well of a manual valve. Will they handle 200 psi?

200 is way too high. You’re looking at 120 psi max for them to sound good and not damage them.


Is there a decent regulator that can do the airflow needed.

I side with Marineone ^ 200 Psi and you will risk blowind diagrams. Best regulator I tried was just saying “F**K IT” and installing a lower PSI Pressure Switch.

I have a set of k5la’s as well that love 200

The P5 will squeal and sound horrible at higher pressures, and isn’t as forgiving as the K5 or K3.

Treat them like Leslies and they will sound great and last a long time.