PA system question

If I put in a CB radio with a 100W PA system, would I be able to somehow connect an MP3 player or something to it to get different noises etc. out of the speaker? That way I could have the Dixie horn, etc in one package and it would be LOUD

I’m pretty sure most CB PAs use a standard headphone type jack. Just plug an MP3 player into it lol

Good plan! But will an MP3 have enough power or will I have to amp the signal? (Got a strong enough amp for a dollar lol it might work)

You would have to find some way to amplify your signal. I just put my mic next to the speaker in my door and it sounds pretty good outside. I have a siren on my ipod and play that through the radio. Its pretty loud.

It’s very possible. You might have to solder or buy some extra parts, but it’s likely.