PA Systems

Anyone got em?? I’m lookin to get me one… I figure with the K5 and a PA system, its nonstop fun!!

I have a Whelen 200watt siren on my silver truck and a 100 watt hooked up to the CB on the black truck.

I have done it that way too… Using a cb as a pa… Lots of fun…

Train Horn + Smoke Screen + Pa System = myself in jail…lol…

Good news, We have custom Hornblasters PA Systems as loud as the Whelens with a few more “Features” coming out in the next 8 weeks. They’re being manufactured right now actually. The really good news? they’re going to be around the $150 price point! 1 year warranty and they look WAY cooler then anything on the market now. Stay tuned… :slight_smile:

I gotta have one!!!

what are the features!! spoiler!!
cuz i was looking to get this system…

Whelen Products are great., my silver truck is sponsored by Whelen. Am best longest lasting around. I am anxious to see what Matt has up his sleeve.

have pics of ur silver truck??
howd u get sponsored by whelen? thats awesome

The Videos do no justice. I got in with the Distributor here and went straight to Connecticut.

ill buy one as soon as they are out

awesome truck man… do u ever use the lights to get peopl eoutta ur way or change the red light? haha

You need a 3M Opticom to change lights, but I used to use the strobes on a daily basis, now my dad uses the truck because the got his work truck taken away(your Yes on ammendment 1 at work) so now I drive the black FX4 and he commutes with that, 5 miles round trip. so I don’t mind. that truck has a P3 on it.

can anyone buy 3M Opticom?

No, also everyone has a specialized flash pattern that every time you use it it is recorded.

whoa thats some serious stuff…

Very. But strobes make everyone stop. so you just meander thought the intersection.

yea i know… i had some on my s10…haha… i still have them actually…i pulled them before i sold the truck… their from whelen… best shit around!

Damn sure is.

Have some lights for sale, all clear LED’s when turned off. I have a couple sets of the Talon take downs, the rear view mirror dual light, the back bar for the rear deck, two Len 3’s a complete whelen strobe kit… I want less then half of retail for the stuff. holla