pa systems

ive notice some talk about pa systems on here alot well obviously because p.a. + train horns = a lot of fun… well i know that all of you like the sirens and everything but $250.00 and up is a lot of money to spend on a p.a. … problem solved… for you budget guys who would like a p.a… i did this and it works great… go to walmart and buy the 35.00 cobra cb radio. the hard part would be finding a speaker… but i was lucky enough to have a great friend with extra speakers… a quick hook up and a 6.00 adapter from radio shack i had a pa… all in all if you can get a deal on a speaker everything else will run you only like 40.00… take the idea if you want… if not thats cool!! lol. until next time happy honking:)

only problem is that a cobra cb/pa is only around 20 watts the sirens with pa’s are 100-200 watts and can be heard from blocks away they are the same equiptment used in police cars

i agree… its not as loud as the police ones… but they are affective… i have the whelen 100 watt speaker with the cobra and it works fine point of this thread is $$$ 50.00 compared to 250.00 and still works great just not as loud but i know mine can be heard 200 yds easy

also no siren with a cb lol and theres also the point of you pay for what you get

haha i paid over 430 for my siren/pa setup…

well anyways… i just cant wait for the shocker p.a.!!!

yea i couldnt wait either… so i bought another pa system for time being…

i still haave no clue what the shocker pa has goin for it

any new word or info on the shocker pa…

i was at hornblasters talking to matt a couple weekends ago and he said they are going to be awesome and they are coming verryyy soon… so we’ll have to see

Once i tuned my CB it is equal to my Whelen P.A. But my radio was a hundred bucks and the 100 watt PA board was 50 and just some time and elbow grease and it worked.

Oh and the shocker PA is bad donkey.

I had a CB radio once that had a PA output. Might be something you want to look into. It could help if your stuck somewhere without cell phone access.

thats what i was explaining… but they all bashed my idea… lol!

only cuz its not gonna be as loud as having a full whelen setup…
i mean its good… but my PA can be heard far away… because the unit is pushing out 100 watts to a 100watt speaker…
ur cb radio isnt pushing 100 watts out…

whelen is da poop

The CB I had many years ago was loud enough to be heard throughout a decent size park. There were some teenage kids there, late at night who were friends of the guy who was with me at the time. I pulled into the parking lot just enough for my headlights to center right on them and said on the PA, “everybody freeze, this is the police”. I’ve never seen people move so fast in my life and they weren’t doing anything illegal, they were just hanging out…lmao.

My CB puts out a hundred:) But my whelen set up on my silver truck is the ticket.

i paid 35.00 for a code3 pa and got a free 100watt whelen speaker. $35 FTW.

If you guys havent heard of it B4. Go to its a police auction. They always sell p.a.'s but you have to catc h them at the right time.

Curtis- I told you to buy a 100 watt amp and hook it up. itll still b cheaper. IMO

I have a whelen at wills!!! he has to make a wiring harness though!!! steal it back ftw!!!

its not that hard to do it(the wiring)