Painted engine cover..

Did a little painting today… Ive been tired of the old black on black in the engine bay and remembered my dads old 72 monte… with the orange engine… So next best thing is to start small and easy and do the cover…

I ended up ordering that cover off ebay, and it wasnt the identical one on my truck but did fit … In case the paint peeled i didnt want to mess up the stock one :wink:

The paint in engine enamel… meant to go up to 500 degrees.

I sanded down the cover first , washed it down with rubbing alcohol. Sprayed a clear adhesion bonder on it meant for plastic, and then the orange engine enamel… Then topcoated it all with a clear coat able to resist 500 degrees…

It didnt turn out perfect as pollen was flying around outside and kept falling on it :banghead: but im happy with the end result.

Thumbs up for an DIY. Look good

Looks nice, good job man.

looks faster now

Filled in the letters… not extremely happy with the color… im thinking of filling in between the letters with another color… But it sticks out more now… give me your opinion…

you should do the k&n tube also