Painting horns?

What kind of paint would I need to paint the inside of the bells of my Nathan K3? The outside is already flat black, I’d like to clear coat that, and paint the inside of the bells either Green or Blue, along with clearcoat. So what kind of paint should I use, and what kind of method should I use?.

If you want to use spray paint, I recommend Rustoleum as it’s the toughest spray can paint I’ve ever used. I painted my Leslie RS-3-L in it and it came out great. Only downside is it takes awhile to dry. Be sure not to get any down in the diaphragm assembly or on the nozzles. I recommend taking the back caps and diaphragms out and taping up the hole at the end of the throat so nothing gets anywhere near inside the horn.

Make sure that you use a self etching primer.

True…For a really nice finish,I suggest you get some aircraft paint stripper,strip all the old paint off,then get some self etching primer,prime the entire horn,then paint the throats whatever color you choose,then turn them upside down and paint the exterior of the horns gloss black…Use gloss paints and you wont need to use a separate clear coat.Be careful trying to get paint way down in the throat because if your not careful you will get some serious runs in the paint.Hope this helps,its exactly how I painted my horns and turned out great.Also remember when your painting the end caps to stick some toothpicks in the little holes to keep paint from building up and clogging those holes.

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