painting horns

I just took off my horns to paint them. I was planning on painting them as one complete unit. and then sending them through the furnace to bake it on. Can that hurt anything inside, like the diaphragms? Do i need to take it all a part?

Also I’ve heard a couple stories about sand blasting. is that dangerous for horns?

thanks a lot

you could damage the horn… its aluminum. aluminum will melt very easily. you can melt the rubber gaskets inside and the o rings

sand blasting is fine you need to completely dissasemble the horn though

Sand blasting isn’t fine unless it’s a sandcast horn and then may not be the best alternative. I recommend some sort of media blasting…

Also, don’t send them through any kind of furnace with them fully assembled… you will melt the rubber components and the thin aluminum parts. I wouldn’t paint them fully assembled either, you risk getting paint inside and ruining internal parts (i.e. getting them sticking with the paint and making things stick together)

thanks a lot guys. I’ll take um apart and media blast. Should i just use rustolium spray, do i need a primer?

A good aluminum etching primer is good on bare aluminum. I can always powder coat them for you. :slight_smile: