Parting with all of my Stuff

The Price is $1200 Firm, Below is the linky to CL ad

All 5 Horns Blow, The Compressor Unit is Brand New

Did you ever confirm that the compressor is 12 volts?

That looks like a P5 not a K5…

No I did not test it yet, this weekend.

Just going by what I was told, what’s
the difference between P5 and K5 ???

I know it’s NOT a low mount manifold

Well there are P series horns and K series horns.
They look and sound a little different and the K horns consume a little more air.

Do you have any more pics of the horns? Look for a ‘P’ on each horn.

Thanks for the tips I’ll check them out
tomorrow and I’ll report back including
Bell numbers. (At my Shop, Not Home)

PS - Dan@Oasis thinks it’s a 12V Unit

The motor should be 12V but the solenoid might be 24V. If the solenoid is 24V then it needs to be changed or the pump could seize from lack of lubrication because the crankshaft spins too fast at 24V.

Yea that’s why I plan to check it
this weekend, don’t wanna hose
anyone. I will update after that.


“P” Horns 1,2,3,4, & 5

Runs off 12V Battery


s o l d