who ever is close… lets go blasting sometime… make some videos…

Heck yeah Johnny IM up in NW Ohio. My Dad and I go hunting down there in Gettysburg Penn every season, maybe then we can do some blastin :slight_smile:

whens next time ur visitin delaware…let me know

I’m up from Georgia visiting relatives here in Bradford, PA. Just got here about an hour ago. It was a beautiful drive up through the mountains. Hope to go to the Zippo and Case knife museum tomorrow. You think they might have a Hornblasters Zippo?:rolleyes:

I was at the zippo / case place a couple years ago… It was absolutely awesome. Picked up a real nice pocket knife too.

does anyone live in or near Delaware County down by Philadelphia??? cuz just in my neighborhood alone I know of 5 different people with the shocker horns not including me. I hear them all the time and it annoys me…i think im going to have to get a K3…

does anybody has a video of the shockers and the k3’s?

I’m just north of Philly… Let me know----954-806-6880; I’d be thrilled!