PEOPLE please read ~!~!~!~

People please read the rules that rigo posted in the sticky thread THE FIRST THREAD in this forum before posting a for sale ad…

I gotta bunch of stuff to sell…

Do I hear $5?

JK bro…


I have 5 dollars… what all do you have? lol

i got five on it

please step into this alley, i got some stuff for sale…

oh really


Anyone collect Spawn stuff?
I have a metric butt load of stuff to get rid of - all N.I.P.

Need to make room for a workbench in the garage…


exactly how big is a metric butt load?

is it close to a crap ton?

Its a touch more than a Newton Pant Load.

its shitastic!

its boombastic!

Its Fantastically Amazing!
-my gay chem teacher said that last year. wow

yea i would say ur teachers gay too if he speaks like that


Yay give me a post too lol