Pete .... we need to sort something out !!!

Either via the picture message I sent you … A trip to Westminster during Live segment on the news (they are always at the same spot at about the same time most evenings) or …


Live streaming webcam, so those around the world can watch as you go past (as long as they are expecting it!)

This is a couple of things I need to do at some point in the near future :slight_smile:

Thanks, now we can keep an eye on you guys…LOL.

It’s funny to see people still getting their picture taken on the crosswalk even though it’s all under construction.

Hahaha I have already Hornblasted this Crossing. I work around Hampstead all the time. This crossing is particulary really good coz its the most photographed crossing in the world. The Beatles did their famous pose walking across it.

As I approached the crossing four girls struck the pose as their mate filmed them… I could not resist! two short sharp blips of the horn sent them screaming & cycling in the air!!! I should have filmed it.

I had this webcam on my Ipod as an App.

Nate, once your gearbox is sorted, we need to do a trip into London:D