Picked this guy up

lol i might get alot of poop for buying this but it was a amazing deal and i wont lose money on it. I didnt want to drive my truck in winter since I want to keep it rust free, since she gets her collector plates in about 2 years.

2001 Honda CRV
5 Speed manual
80,000 Miles.
Little 2.0 Liter engine, so much smaller than my huge 5.7 L
Brand New tires
Absolutely rust free, the under body is amazing.
No accidents
Got it for 4000, bluebooks for around 6-7k

I am just using this for winter and nothing else, probably will sell in spring depending.

Hey nothing wrong with that!

Why don’t you throw some new Psychoblasters on there so we can hear the new Psychos…LOL

lol temptin, i still have the original psychoblasters i bought for 20 a long time ago

Looks like you got a good deal!

Same thing my mechanic said should be a fun little winter car lol

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Why would you get slaughtered for buying one of those? The CRV is a good little motor:D


You should send it to me, i’ll take one for the team…

SWEET RIDE! What are Collector plates?

@stinky that’s what I’ve heard the maunal tranny makes this little Guy go lol

@n20 lol you can’t have it quite yet

@repeatman they are going on my GMC truck its a blue plate that says collector. Goes on vehicles 20 years old or older.

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Just picked another vehicle up haha

1996 Dodge intrepid with 247k miles. Got it for 200 bucks, good field beater since the front end has major problems lol

It runs and shifts great


Put some oil in it!

Get any snow yet? How’s the CRV?

lol the crv is good, i am getting the timing belt done and water pump done before winter, didnt get any snow yet, got a few flurries but its just been cold and pretty much dry.

lol another video of me beating the dodge, trying to buy the neighbors old van so we can have a derby again.