pics of new ride

i cant get pics to load

Anyways i got home with the truck and put it on the lift got rid of stock exhaust and welded the flowmaster on you can see where i had beat the bottom lip of the muffler cause i couldnt weld the gap( im a better welder than that i was just too excited i think)

very cool, my buddy had one like that. silver, but sold it bc gas here went to around 6 a gallon, so he sold it. got sick of paying 100+ every time at the pump lol. but I like it

Very nice truck… Looks like its got a body lift??? I got the same truck (gold) with 17" mazzi hulks and bfg all terrain 305’s… I raised the running boards to fill the gap that the body lift left… Trust me looks alot better… I removed running boards and drilled new holes in the bracket’s 2.25 inches higher than old holes and then put the running boards back on and took a sawzall to the excess bracket and then beat out the edges with hammer, then a touch of black spray paint… Looks much better without the gap… Try it you will love it. Ill try to get some pics of my dirty a$$ truck soon. If you like this idea i can take some close up pics of running boards… lemme know your thoughts.

Very nice. My brother has the same truck in dark gray :D.

Get those horns mounted!

WOW what a difference in the jeep to that…Have fun with it and it looks awesome

I do not like the running boards so i think ill take them off. as for the lift, it came from the dealership this way and on the sticker on it says “factory lift kit installed-750$” ive checked and there are no spacers. Its factory lift so the leaf springs shocks and coils arent flashy like an aftermarket kit it looks stock.
more pics to come later when i wash it.
k3s to be on sooner than later

Thanks for the advice on the rnning boards tho if i decide to keep them i will deff. enlist you

Very nice. I have an 03 silverado with 20s and 37s. Any other future modifications planned?

yeah a nathan k3 lol but other than that i think i like it the way it is…i would like some black wheels, but the lift is has is plenty for me I can run 35s with no rub so when these 305s need replaced ill get new wheels and bigger tires. got any pics of your truck?

nice truck bud

Sure do, these are dirty pics from when the wheels and tires were installed, but you get the idea :slight_smile: :

that looks damn good. I just dont think i want to pay for 20inch tires they are too much for me


real nice trucks… i too would also ratehr have like a 16 or 15 inch rim then lots of meat on the tires

Unfortunately, on newer trucks, the brakes are much larger and anything smaller than a 17 usually won’t fit over the rotors. You got to roll on at least 20’s.

Tuck looks good Garrett. On a scale of 1 to 10, 10 being extremely easy, how hard was it to squish a goat with those tires? haha

Yeah those are some fine lookin’ goat squashers!