Pictures from Blood Drag

Here’s a link to some pics I took at Blood Drag this weekend. Minus the tornado and snow it was a fun show. Unfortunately the weather affected the turnout. I got to meet Rigo this weekend and saw Matt running around at the show, but didn’t get a chance to meet him.

This was my favorite truck of the weekend. Gives me inspiration for mine.

thanks for the pics! so thats y matt and rigo were gone

Thats SICK

Where exactly is that?

That was in Georgia.

Nice pic of the Avalanche. It looks black in that picture. Rigo took over 900 pictures lol. Him and his gay love for scenery. lol

you Garrett you! LOL looks like the the F A G G O T words have changed LOL

You son of a…

Garrett… haha I laugh every time

edit: not rigo anymore. :smiley:

bahaha garrett got owned!

Son of a Garrett?

LOL very funny