pissed off air leak, and horn issues

finally found my air leak i have been searching for for the last 2 months. my BRAND NEW pressure switch had a crack in it. i thought it was leaking around the threads, turns out it was the switch itself leaking.

and my horns squeak, not honk. i am gussing a busted diaphram. they are cheap Siege Engineering hammer 3 horns. worth trying to find a rebuild kit for? or should i just buy a new/different horn?

now that i have my leak figured out i can finally use my horn again (once my new switch arrives) and a squeaky horn will drive me nuts

When i had my siege “strategic seperates” (triple set) The diaphragms went on them and i ended up ordering a set of replacement from the anvil series and just trimming them down to fit mine… Regular scirssors will cut the steel np… Its very thin…

I’d recommend just to ditch those and get a set of shockers tho… I went from the siege 2 set - to the 3 set , to the shockers , then added psycho blasters… Now took off the psychos and have the shockers and soon to be K3LA :wink:

yeah, appears since siege went under a year or so ago, parts are hard to find for their horns.

gonna replace with something else i assume. i have a set of strategic separates 2 laying around i might use or just take the diaphrams out of for now till i get something else.

i want a KL3A but can’t afford one.

get some shockers!! their will always be parts and replacement if u ever happen to need it…

Does your solenoid get threaded into horn base? If so get a barbed fitting or push to lock that is the NPT of the inlet. I.E. 1/8" NPT. Might be in Millimeters. That way you can run the airline right to fitting. Then you can run any solenoid you want inline I did it for a friend with a Wolo 3 chrome 3 chime.

Good Luck.


so got the new switch on, no leak there atleast, still have a minor leak elsewhere. though, not a big issue, as i only lose 30 psi over the course of 8 hours or so.

now my issue is, as soon as i hit the horn button, i blow the horn fuse on the truck. so i have a shorter wire, or a bad solenoid on my horn. seems like everytime i fix something, something else breaks on this thing.

so i am gonna order a new solenoid, and check the wiring while i replace it. and i still have to fix my horn that does not work due to bad diaphrams.

Your not the only one bro… Dont get discouraged! Having these horns on vehicles is all about customizing and making it work with your application… Its all worth it in the end when you hit the button for the moron that cuts you off!