Placement questions for a chevy

I drive a 2005 chevy silverado ext. cab. I was thinking about buying the shocker S4, but i don’t know where to mount it.i live in south Georgia and i work on a farm where driving in mud and water happens almost every week. I bought the kit today but im afraid to mount it underneath the truck. can anyone else tell me another place to put it? I would appreciate any help.

in the grille

If you didnt know, the S4s are plastic. so no rust to the bells.

Best place is the grill as cutrtis said…thats where i have mine facing down

grill, spare tire compartment and make a sheet to cover them. plus they have a lifetime warranty with hornblasters I believe

i would put them in the grille facing down as others have stated.

i’ve done a install on the same truck, see if john has any pics up of it

put your compressor and tank in the bed. and i would say mount them to a plate then mount where ur spare is. face them backwards and get some pantyhose to go over the front. i go through mudd alot if i am playing around i put a trash bag over them.

i’ve seen plenty of installs in the grille

on dodges and fords there are alot of room. i dont know abt yours but i dont have much room where my grille is. however if you wanna take the time to mount them behind the grill here is a pretty good setup

BTW, welcome to the forum

Take a look at my setup, probably very similar truck, so u can get some ideas…


haha i already sent him your link. lol

cool deal, I wish i could have my setup on the install page tho… hint hint, hahaha :smiley:

Thanks for the replys, i appriaciate all the help.