Please help me to identify this horn !

Hi all,
As my nickname shows, i’m french and live in France. First please excuse my bad english !
It’s quite difficult here to find some “real” horns.
Ive just found (after nearly one year) the horn below.
The seller doesn’t know where it came from (factory, train…).
Weight is nearly 9 lbs., length is approx. 15 inches.
Do you have an idea to help me identify it ?
Price was $30 included shipping so it’s not a big deal.
Many thanks in advance !

(You can click the pictures to see a bigger version)

Greetings Frenchy.
I’ve never seen anything like it. Strange deflector on the front. Any markings or stamps on the horn?

You could also try posting your photos on the Horn & Whistle board. There’s a lot more horn collectors of vintage stuff there who might know.

Thanks for your answer !
I shall receive it next week so for now i cannot answer your questions about markings.
Im asking myself about the deflector too…

Hi Frenchy,

Your horn looks like it was used in a wood shop dust-bin to settle things to the bottom of the bin. That would also explain the deflector to aim sound all around the horn to vibrate dust off the walls. I have seen similar horns before in the past. What country did it come from?

Hi, probably from France.
So you think it won’t produce any sound ? :frowning:

Oh yes it will!! It will produce a loud note, I would start on 100psi and maybe go up from there, it may be a high-pressure horn. It was mounted vertically, open flare facing down to keep it clear of dust/debris.

A member of the old forum has a pair of giant dustbin horns, so loud and deep that they sound like ship horns!!

Thanks Nathan, it does reassure me !
Ive ordered an “noise meter” (i don’t know the exact word) to measure decibels.
I’ll compare db VS psi to check which pressure fits the best.
I’ll start to build my new horn system from scratch in the next few weeks, removing some errors from my first version.

Hi !
Ive just received and tested the horn.
Ive got bad fittings so i cannot properly test it, but it seems that no sound is coming out (only air).
I took it apart this afternoon, to find the inside very very dirty, i’ll clean the mess and test it again with proper fittings and good pressure.
Below you can see some pictures :

Nozzle looks to be in good shape, but the diaphragm has seen better days. Get all the gunk and rust of it and see if it seals.

There’s a spring and a spring contact with nut assembly that pushes the diaphragm against the nozzle. You can adjust that with the nut on the back. Blow some very gentle air pressure through the horn and then slowly tighten the nut until you get close to a seal (i.e. try 1/4-1/2 turns. Don’t go turning and turning - go too far and you can risk damage to the diaphragm).

Hi, could you please tell me which part is the nozzle ?
And i do not see some spring in the parts.
Many thanks !!!

<Edit> Whoops … sorry. Had you confused with someone else who just bought a set of Wabco horns.

Frenchy, the “nozzle” is the air column under the seat to the throat of the horn.

Many people erroneously call the diaphragm seat the nozzle. It is not. Your diaphragm seat looks clean and smooth. The diaphragm definitely needs to be cleaned and polished. I would suggest lapping the diaphragm to the seat as I do all my horns, a trick taught to me by the old man. This will ensure a clean seal.

If your horn has manual preload, then you will need to gently preload the diaphragm using light pressure until the horn starts with a clean note. Then just a bit tighter beyond that, next try blowing on full pressure to see what you get.