Please help with K3

I have a nathan k3 that sounded great till about 3 weeks ago when i broke the number 1 bell off of it on accident. I bought a new #1 bell and put my old parts back into that bell. Now when i blow the horn it sounds completely different and i dont know why. Is there a difference in the older bells and newer? Could i have done something wrong? Bad gasket? Please help. thank you


Do you have a pic? Are the diaphragms in good shape? Does it have 2 diaphragms and one cushion ring in between? There’s really no difference in sound between the number 1 bells. Pics of your new bell would be great though or maybe a sound clip.

Oh and a pic of the diaphragms/cushion ring.

Oh and just a couple of things to try… Did you put the diffuser ring inside the horn? In case you don’t know, it’s the ring inside held in by the 3 allen screws. Did you put the rubber o ring in the foot of the bell? Did the manifold get cracked when the bell broke off?

im pretty sure the manifold is fine just the horn itself snapped and all the parts i put back into the new horn i put in the exact same way. It doesnt sound like a train anymore its just obnoxious sounding now. the round circles, and the cushion ring and diaphragms looked like they where brand new there was no damage to them.

thank you for the quick responses

Did you check to see if the other 2 bells are ok? Maybe they could have something inside or anything? my new k1 bell

i havent checked them yet i thought there might have been a problem with the manifold so i switched the right bell and the middle(the #1 ) i dont know if that made a difference

Okay well let me know if anything changes or if not and I’ll try to think of some more stuff to check.

Oh and I like the look of the horns sticking out of the front but you should mount them on a rack on top or something. They’d be less likely to hit things than in the front underneath.