Police asked me to Honk!

Ok, so get this!
I was sitting in traffic on the A10 near where I live & the traffic was stop starting. I noticed in my wing mirror a police car level with the back of my van and they were looking at the back of the van.

The traffic started moving in the outside lane and the patrol car slowly rolled up beside me, I kinda glanced across to acknowledge their presence. The police officer in the passenger seat looked at me & said “have you got Train Horns fitted on that?”, I smiled & simply knodded. He looked at me and laughed and said “well, go on then!”, so I hit that manual valve!!! The looks on their faces was one of unbelievable shock! He said “bloody hell, you could have warned me!”, the woman police officer in the driving seat looked like she had lock jaw!
At this point a motorcyclist pulled up in between us and said “Was that you?”, to which I replied “yes” & pointing at the police car, I said “He made me do it!”, the guy on the bike said “you scared the living Sh*t out of me!”. We all laughed and then the traffic started moving & I filtered off to the left, leaving the police laughing with the guy on the bike!
I was buzzing inside and wished I had caught it on my 1080p dash cam that I had only just purchased! but had not set it up!

Priceless! I bet you were wishing the K5 was installed already.


OMG! Can you imagine? Lol:eek::eek:

Classic :smiley: It’s too bad Murphy’s law was in effect so there’s no video. Oh well, maybe next time!

Stinky!! Get that camera hooked up :slight_smile: That would have been amazing to see.

I have recently installed a dash can in mine for various reasons but it only records straight out the windscreen so you’d only get sound unless the person was in front. But then as the horns are under the back it muffles them… well a tiny bit anyway :wink:

I just finished installing mine and some guy followed me off the highway and pulled next to me saying “Hey my kids want to hear your horn!!” So I blew up and the dad jumped in his seat lmao he said “Gawwwwwd Damn man!!! Thanks!!!” :slight_smile:

I swear I am having more fun and good times with this horn than my competition stereo system!!!