Police harrasment

Have noticed my truck being tailed more than usual since installing my K5. well today I got pulled by a st.johns county cop.he tailed me for about 3 miles ,I’m doing the posted speed limit in fact the escalade next to me pulls ahead of me with the cop behind me and he pulls me.I was raedy for his line of bullshizit.he gets up to the drivers door and sees my big grey beard and says’sir your ok I’m not going to ticket you,by the way nice truck, so I thank him .then comes the bullshizit, you know those license plate covers, which I have a very lightly smoked one(been on the truck for over 2 yrs now) those are illegal so I play dumb, say what?? he says oh yeah at nite you can’t see your plate numbers with that cover on there. I knew it cause a yr ago in greencove spgs at night the same deal happened and was told the same thing.what it is in actuality it’s a reason to pull me in hopes of smelling pot smoke rollin outta the truck or alcohol on my breath of which neither I do.In actualty I believe they can see the back caps of the 1,2 4 horns as they hang in view under my bumper bottom edge can be seen from about 20 ft aft of the truck.so what I did was buy a clear plate cover and will go down the same road that prick patrols tomorrow in hopes of getting yanked again then we are gonna get to the truth of the pull over. if necessary, I’m gonna lawyer up and drop a suit on the sjcpd for harrasment.:eek:

why not just take the plate cover off?? never understood the reasons of those…

NOT gonna happen scared ,simply due to the fact if it was on some lattie dahs bmw or mercedes nothing would be said.Icall it the “hey rocky watch me pull a rabbit outta my hat excuse”.when you can’t find a true problem for a yank over make one up.BULLSHIZIT!!:eek:

John, myself and my fellow Mass-holes just voted to decriminalize possession of pot. If you get caught here with less than 1 ounce, it’s just a $100 civil fine… although the cop will take your weed. Was much worse. And since we are such a liberal BLUE State, you now have 2 good reasons to consider moving here from FL !


As a Fl fuel inspector, are you issued a badge? Would showing that help with a street pullover?

i dont understand the point of those plates tho…lol whats the point of em?

Any plate cover be it black, blue, clear, or whatever are illegal.

PC1 LOL ! MASS holes lmao! no I don’t have a badge but a state employee id card on my pocket protector! (how nurdie). actaully as we type plans are in the mill to get the medical marijuana swerve on the next ballot in a couple of yrs. I may return to the days of past once retired but it’s too cold up in mass for these old bones. :smiley:

everything except pot is illegal in cali!:smiley:

Yes, it’s like Baskin Robbins or Cold Stone ice cream. We have 31 flavors here in DP…a diff. flavor for every day of the month!

i think its hilarious when cops mess with me in my cady. i wonder what they think when they see a hornblasters sticker on the back! every cop thinks my tint is illegal till they measure it and look stupid…

  1. pulled for doing 47 in a 45, so he could check my tint
  2. sitting in my old work parking lot getting ready to leave, pulled to check my tint
  3. 3 cop cars with 5 cops (one a sgt.) pulled because he heard my trunk vibrating with the windows up. checked my tint…
    i love being profiled as a black drug dealer gangster because i have a cady with 17" black rims and tint…

you arnt?..:smiley: lol jp man dont let em catch you riding dirty

whys it gotta be a black drug dealer? why not just a drug dealer?

What percent tint is it that they harass you for?

ride around palm beach and let me know how many drug dealers u see and note their race, statistics dont lie…

my tint is about 2% under legal limit which is in the buffer zone. pays to go to school from criminal justice :slight_smile:

Cops can actually pull you over just for a “citizens check”. Aka to make sure you’re a citizen, its your car, and your not an illegal alien.
Juss sayin’ :rolleyes: