police r onto me


had a call from the police on my cellphone today… many things crossed my mind but it was horn related

some co-workers from him (and people who called in complaints) had heard an excessively loud and excessively used horn… someone spotted my license plate and called it in

guess that was suppose to happen since i been wreaking havoc lately in the city lol

i said to him, well big trucks have loud air horns too, so why may i not? he answered that it does say in traffic regulation rules I may not

So I’m getting the full details on this… see if he can really get me and fine me … he could always fine for unnecessary horn use in traffic

sucks to know they know who I am and what my car is… I’m pretty much the only one with such a thing on my car and community’s here are small

Pretty funny how he said, we’ll if you do continue we could always handle it the hard way, give you a fine, take your car for technical research…

I made him a promise to stop honking… but how can I? too much fun… need to resist my honking urge now :frowning: I should hand the police my Psychoblasters air horn as a gesture that I’m a good citizen with concious (to get em off my back)…

I’m pretty sure any police man in Netherlands will be shocked to see the size of a K3

Wow, that is terrible. You need to move to the US, where nobody will know who you are. Except us!

Give them my business card, I will sell them some too. Train horn sure beats those awful police sirens you have over there.

I’m a bit curious about,

  1. How did the police get your cell phone #
  2. Why would an officer call you rather then comming to talk to you in person.

With my background…which I will leave up to you to figure out…unless it’s a hang up 911 call, officers don’t call you. Not only do they not call you, they especially don’t call a cell phone.
Think about this realistically for a second. If the police have your tag #, which they may, they have your address as well, but not your cell #. They may perhaps have your home phone, which is much easier to obtain for DMV. I doubt seriously that you put a cell # on the title of your vehical.
Maybe I’m wrong Jelle, but, I think someone’s got your # so to speak. Sounds like someone, perhaps a friend or even an officer, is doing a favor for somone eles.
My advice is lay low a while and see if any of your co-workers bring it up. Might be the perpatrator. I’m not so certin you got pranked and scared into believing the person on the other end was YOUR Local Law Enforcement Agency.

Good Luck

^ Thats what I was thinking

I don’t know about that. I don’t know your background, but once I was getting prank calls from these people and they forgot to block their number after about the hundredth time of calling me. My friend used my cell to call them (anonymously) pretending to be a cop and telling them not to call us back. Well awhile later I get a call from a blocked number and answer yelling at them. Turns out to be the local sheriff’s department telling me to come home, that they were there waiting to get me for impersonating a cop (wtf). The prank callers had said I was pranking them and junk but it all got settled. I know this was a long way of pointing it out, but cops do have ways to get your cell number and will call lol

ya i asked him how he got my cellphone number because I was curious about that too… he said I once gave it when I had a traffic accident once where someone riding in front of me stopped to park, and reversed into me as if I wasn’t there, where you fill in an insurance form… likely he got it off there, but he said he had other means of getting my cellphone number with ease

hmm never thought about someone playing a trick on me, I doubt that… I believe it was a legit police officer… perhaps I should’ve asked him some more questions about him being a legit police officer

And where I live is a long way to drive for the police so I suppose they arranged my cellphone number to call me, giving me a heads up warning… I guess when you’re in densly populated area’s where I been honking a lot lately, you’re bound to honk at someone’s house who works at the police

I do remember a situation where this guy pointed at my car and his phone… Apparantly he got scared to death, after I had nearly hit 2 girls on bicycles and having honked at these 2… lol… Bicyclist here are crazy there were cars coming from both sides, one was me, but these 2 decided to crash the road and keep talking to eachother… When they had to let traffic from both sides come… Other car had to slam the brakes, and so did I… I honked to give them a good scare so they’ll think twice on crashing the road hazardous like that… Maybe he decided to phone through my license

we’ll see… I guess I won’t be wreaking havoc in the city for a while, untill I know why trucks can have loud airpowered horns, but not me… I’ve got other places to rumble the earth ^^

Ima hand in my Psycho’s , try handing it over to the guy who made the call to my phone… as a gesture of good citizen


come on guys, police can get anything, there cops and they know how to throw there wieight around…no offense to them. but i was deer shinning when i wasnt suppose to be and someone called me in and they called my cell the next morning wanting to meet with me and give me a ticket. so i told him when he caught me in the act then he could give me a ticket… then i hung up on his ***. keep honken until they personaly catch you, until then keep honken

thats right twist f*ck them lol

Trucks are not allowed to have train horns either technically.

you need to get this!

lol, when did those come out? i was thinking something like that would be pretty cool, when you need it tho, ha.
last night, halloween, some truck started following me while i was honking around. i turned up some random road that led to a bank, which was closed…, and he turned as well and followed me then… i was thinking the whole time “dont look at my plates!! bwahh” i swerved around in some parking lot and got out, made a turn behind this building he didnt see, and i guess he thought i went the other way, wasn’t behind me anymore.
maybe he was following just to watch me scare people… either way, i dont like the idea of being followed by people i dont know.

my dad keeps thinking the cops are gonna show up at my house soon or give me a call. until then, i agree with carramerod, if those really are the cops they’re just taking what some people called in and said. all hearsay from their point of view.

hahah that plate flipper… right that’s gonna be an even bigger ticket when they catch me with that LOL

i understand these things are actually being used in Finland, due to all the snow coming onto the plates at all times

Time to get another phone number. If I had A cop calling me on my personal cell phone for A minor infraction I would change my number right now.That’s Invasion of privacy here in the US for something like that.BTW put the phone registration in someone else’s name if you get A new number. That will stop that crap.

Is your vehicle’s registration in your name? If so they looked up the plate # to see who it is registered to then did a search on your name with local cell or house phone services which turned up your phone #. Just a guess.

I got to get some pics of my plate flipper I made with a pnuematic cylinder and a couple of solenoids and share with you guys.

oooo yes! pics/videos, that’d be interesting to see