polishing a set of k5

how many people have took the time to polish a set? im in the mist of doing a set of k5’s right now and got one to shine like a mirror and the second one has about 20 min left and it will be like chrome as well. ill post pics after

I did a lot of grinding/sanding/buffing to my 1L bell…before I painted it. haha

Would love to see pics of your project.

I guess they would shine up a treat, but can you lacquer them now without it peeling off?

I think if I polish them once a week I should be fine. It’s winter which is what’s going to be rough on them

heres a few pics so far. got the 1,2,5 bell done. now just the rest with a final shine. sanded from 100 grit up to 1500 then using a cheap kit off ebay on a grinder and buffing by hand.

ill have more pictures once i get a chance. been busy at work

Lots o work!
I would be skurd to polish my 3a or 4a for fear of sanding out the “a”. They’re pretty light stampings. Is that why you’re saving them for last?

If I sand them out I will just restamp it in. I actually just bought one of the commercial buffers to make the job go a tad bit fast and get a better shine