Poll: Psychoblasters & Trainhorn users...in here

How do you use your horns? One at a time with separate buttons? All at once using your steering wheel button? Or what combination of stock, train, and psychos can you do -and- with how many buttons or switches?

Can you even here the psychos with a K3 or K5? Or do they not sound good together?

I’m trying to decide what switches & sounding options I need for my horns.

I can go as far as a separate button for each horn and an “arming” toggle for each to sound with the steering wheel button.

I could see using the psychos with the stock horn. And make the K5 separate.

What do you guys do? Thanks.

I only have a semi horn besides the stock horn.

there’s only one switch. when in off, the stock horn sounds. when on, stock horn still sounds along with the air horn. but the air horn is loud enough you don’t hear the stock one. :slight_smile: I didn’t cut the stock wires but just tapped to it so incase there’s a problem, stock horn would still work.

Thanks - that’s good information to have.
Keep it coming guys…

I have my shockers on a push button, i think its more of a rush reachen for that naughty button as to just pushen the steering wheel!

Yeah, or one of those handheld buttons. Those are cool.