PORTABLE Train horns!!

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Sorry if such topic already took place, though I searched the forum but didn’t find any…

I’ve seen some videos on youtube where guys use portable train horns, to use it on a basketball court for example, here they are:



Could anyone advise how to make those?? :confused:

For example, if I buy THESE TRAIN HORNS, will SUCH battery be enough? And should I then just attach the portable air tank and VOILA?

Thanks in advance mates!

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It appears they use a small air tank or bottle and a manual valve that supplies air to the horns through their manifold. One of the videos mentions a bicycle pump but how long and hard would it be filling any tank to at least 100 PSI? A tank or bottle that small will only give you 1 or maybe 2 honks before it needs to be refilled.

They are using paintball air tanks. The ones they use on campus is a hpa paintball air tank it can hold 4500 psi and has a reg on it. The other is a co2 paintball air tank they are like $20 new. I used a co2 tank and removed the valve it came with (it was on there good) and made a adapter in my shop class. My adapter was 5/8 npt male to 1/4 npt female so I could use a air tool valve. This set up is great for me last for 4 sec on full tank. Hope that helps

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The only portable system I’ve heard of for horns is to charge the tank at home before leaving but this doesn’t allow a recharge unless you bring multiple tanks. I know on air suspension, some people use nitrogen charged in scuba tanks so they don’t need to run compressors. It would def. have to be some kind of manual valve.

Some of these guys may have better ideas.

Funny I just ran across this


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Haha wow, that’s alot of cash for a pistol-horn lol

Here is my set up for on the go. I do bring an 11 gal tank with me. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HaVUJfn-tO4&feature=youtu.be

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Today i have found a new way of using paintball air tanks for compressed air. You take the valve that come with the co2 tank (it is red lock tight on there) the valve should be 3/8 in big but not tapered like npt so I cut the valve steam off of the air tank valve and screw that in to the air tank. Next you take a 3/8 female to a 1/4 npt male or female fiting screw that on to the steam of the valve that is now screwed in to the air tank. Works good use the o ring that should be under the valve that will help seal it up they cut groves in to the threads and that will make it leak a lot.