Positioning of Shocker XL horns

I am planning to buy a Shocker XL kit, and I need help with positioning the horns. Do I have to mount the 4 horns side by side or can I mount 2 on one side of my truck and 2 of the other side.

I was thinking that if I make the airline to each horn the same length, then there shouldn’t be an issue. Am I correct?

Thanks in advance.

Position shouldnt matter, just face them in the direction you want the sound to project the most. Or where ever you can find space. Youll be able to hear them regardless, just dont mount the open end of the bell right up against something.

I had 2 facing left and 2 facing right on my old car. They were hiding behind the bumpercover in front of the radiator.

Making the air lines the same length to each individual horn after the manifold will give the best results having all the bells sound simultaneously.

Thanks for your response!