Possible air leak?

I’m having a weird issue. My compressor is running but the tank isn’t filling. I’ve sprayed soapy water on all the connections and no bubbles. I’ve pulled the hose off and it’s blowing air. I’m baffled. Any ideas? Seems like when I fix one another appears.

Howdy, CB! A couple questions to help zero in on the issue. How old is the compressor, and where is it installed on the vehicle?

Also, when you pull that braided leader hose coming out of the compressor that goes into the tank, if you put your thumb over the end of it, is the compressor making enough power to push your thumb off of it, or can you overcome the power of it with your thumb?

I’m sure we can figure out the cause of your issue, we just need a few bits of info to get there.



Everything is new. The compressor is from Harbor Freight so I’m thinking it’s already gone bad or I have a bad pressure gauge. Anyway everything is mounted upfront under the engine with the compressor behind my deflector. I’m not using the braided hose, plastic with clamps. Yes, I can hold my thumb over the connector with no problem.

I do have a new Viair compressor coming in on Saturday.

New compressor I am assuming did the trick? If you were able to overcome the pressure of your old one with your thumb, no doubt it wasn’t making enough pressure.

Yeah it fixed that issue. Now the solenoid is sticking so I ordered a new one.