possible forum banner?

i made a banner in photoshop, what do u guys think?
i stuck with these colors because they fit the current forum colors and can be changed if needed.
i can make it without with fading horns but i felt it was a nice touch :slight_smile:

looks good to me! i like it

I like…

I like the fading horns. It gives a perspective of what’s available

I think that the text (Title) needs to be a whole lot more IN YOUR FACE

This is the face of the website… It should scream at you…

Actually, I think something like this would be even cooler…

Remember the old Memorex commercials with the guy in the recliner?
Instead of a stereo system, it could be a BIG ANIMATED TRAIN HORN!

that would be baller

A modernized variation on that theme would be to show the Marauder blowing at a group of young girls running off the street (like in the Terror on the Streets video), but their clothes being blown off…


Sounds like the guys at HB need to have an “outing”

Yes but its a MUST to scare people, otherwise were just collectors…lmao

This group, coming out together, would probably be pretty scary. :wink:

nuf said…:eek:

oh the possibilities…muahahaha :smiley:

Banner looks good. Maybe and a catchy slogan.


“Ours Get Blown Daily”


I lke

How about “BLOW ME, I’M HORNY”:smiley:

thats pretty good too

Just " BLOW ME" :smiley:

Not bad, it’s straight and to the point!