Possible Install Need Some Answers

Hello Everyone,

I was thinking about purchasing some air horns to scare the living poop out of the people who continuously cut me off or who think they need to pass you in town, or people who walk infront of you at a light…

Anyway, I have a 98 Dodge Dakota V6 all stock, I was wondering exactly how much power you need to run this, and how hard it is to install, wheres a good spot to mount the horns and tank. Like I said, seriously thinking about buying a system for some payback.

And one last question, I live in Illinois, anyone know how legal/illegal it would be?

Thanks in advanced!

It would be illegal to honk them and legal to own them/have them on your truck.

I think that’s pretty much the law everywhere.

What’s your budget?

Oh and I found the Illinois law on horns…

11-4-1290 Motor vehicle horns and audible signal devices.

No person shall sound any horn or audible signal device of any motor vehicle of any kind while not in motion nor shall such horn or signal device be sounded under any circumstances except as required by law nor shall it be sounded for any unnecessary or unreasonable period of time.

(Prior code § 17-4.20)

Take that how you want lol

I dont want to spend more then 500$ if i have too, Im selling my Sound System to sponsor most or all of the money. And about the honking believe illegal, Basically it said if its not in motion, so coming to a complete stop and tooting the horn its 100% a-ok according to my take. Basically it says its also ok to honk it just not unreasonable, I think its perfectly fine to make the people who cut me off poop their pants.

look at the S4 shocker horn kits at hornblasters.com they are the best horns untill you get into the big boy real deal train horns you should be able to get a great kit for $500 and if i’m correct you get a discount for meing a forum member… call them to check that

s4 kit would be great for u… mount the tank and compressor in ur bed, mount the horns either in ur radiator support or where ur spare tire is…

thats the best answer there!


I was thinking about gettin this one, its about $405 and probably what, 20 bucks or so for shipping, comes with everything I need. Still wondering what kind of power you need to run these things. Obviously not going balls to the wall mashin the horn every 2 seconds is going to greatly cut down on how much the compressor has to run.

I thought about getting that kit too.
however this one, ( http://www.hornblasters.com/products/details.php?item=HK-S4-V228 )
a tad more expensive comes with a higher psi valve and slightly a larger tank. That basically means more pressure is going to your horns and will make them louder… Its something to think about. either way you will love em. they are great horns.

definitely go with the shocker for the first set up and with a budget!! but make sure you spend a little extra and get the 200 psi kit… well worth the extra $$$$!!

Still wondering about the power… how much do these things take to run?

Hornblasters.com kits are from 16 - 26 amps drawn on the compressors

i know my dodge ram has no problem keeping my 480c ticking!