Possible pressure switch problem?

I used my horns today and heard a loud “pshhhhhhhhhhhh” when the tank was filling back up. So I flipped my compressor power switch and waited until I got home to look at it, thinking a line popped off or got a cut. I was messing with it in the driveway and noticed the compressor seemed like it was going for a while, longer than usual. Then the safety valve popped open and let out a bunch of air. So do you think it’s the pressure switch being faulty and not stopping the compressor once 145psi is reached? It is the Viair air source, 2 gallon 145psi. It’s not that old and is mounted in my bed under a tonneau cover so it doesn’t get wet or anything.

Ideas? Lance, is there a warranty for this?

Here is a picture of where the kit is mounted (no longer in bedbox like it was for the tutorial),

do u have an air gauge on ur system??

No, I need to put one on tho. I checked the Hornblasters page with the info on my air source and it says the safety valve is a 175psi one.

All 150 PSI systems have a 175 PSI cutoff.

It very well could be the pressure switch. Take a photo of the switch and email it to me, please note any lettering that is on the switch. Once I determine which you have, I’ll send you a new switch.


-Make sure you install a relay with your Air Source kit, so you’re turning on the pressure switch via a dash mounted rocker switch and the relay. Direct to power will kill the pressure switch.

Sweet, thanks a bunch!

I’ll go take pictures now of it and get the lettering. And yes, I have a relay for the compressor installed. I did the tutorial that is posted in the how-two section so you can see how it is wired there.

I’ll PM you in a few minutes :slight_smile:

i still need a new pressure switch! lmao!

Quit ‘yer bitchin’!!!



PM sent

Where is the air source located now?

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Whatever floats ya’ boat !!

Right there, under a soft tonneau cover so it doesn’t get wet either.

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One test to be sure first…

yeah, but only if you need an adjustable pressure switch between 100 and 200 PSI with an operating temperature range of -40 to 200 degrees…just kidding.

You should go with the pressure switch recommended by the compressor manufacturer!

Kudos to Lance at Viair :slight_smile: