Post future Upgrades Here

only thing im going is…

2k3s, D-3 ship horn, 1000 gal of air on a trailer, gas powered air compressor:cool:

LOL , im workin on some k3 right now…other than that maybe antoher and better compressor… maybe even a new truck

1000gallons of air?? Johnny are you honking serious!!! haha You just cracked us up man.

1000 gallon deam bro hahahah

Well i want to install my two set of S4 on my maxima and get a K3 for my maxima to with a 20 gallon air tank and two more 480c compressors.

thats a 1000 gallon tank so urs gonna look like this???

ya i got the idea from hornblasters tx… f.ucking sweet huh?


lmao… i really lol’d

damn he hasent even logged in to see all this bashing!

hahahaha thats funny lmfao

:eek:hes busy installing them k5’s on the hummer thats the armys… hm… who would do that?and they would not even allow it

he definitely crawfished right the fu!k out of here

Yea i think its pretty funny that this kid says he put k5s on a humm vee. im gonna have to call bullshit. first off that humm vee doesnt belong to him its uncle sams. not his grandpas tractor you cant just go putting lift kits dual pipes and train horns on a damn humm vee made for combat.