Potable air system

Hey guys

Trying to buy some new toys and getting rid of my air system, used with k3las and worked flawlessly

It’s a 19 cu ft scuba tank charged at 3000 pounds, works great got a video if you guys are interested,

Looking to get 300 for it all

Approx how long does a tank like that last?? I am intrigued to know?:confused:

Itll last a good bit, spent the day honking on the bike at a car show and still has plenty of juice, I should put a little test together :smiley:


Ohh yes, forgive me, you had them on that crazy push bike, I forgot! Doh! Lol:D

Buy the set up form me, I’ll split shipping and cut you a better deal,

I’d love to see it go in one of your awesome builds! Always excited to see what you got going on!