Powder Coat

Has anyone powder coated a set of K5LAs If so did it change the tone ? or would you recemend not using this process? thanks in advance

take out the diaphrams and powder coat the horns… when done, put it all back together…

do as you like, to me , going under the truck where it won’t be seen why waste the cash? I prefer the natural look :smiley:

Well im have mine either powder coated or painted… only cuz i have a show truck and when i go to shows, ima put mirrors under my truck that shows off the horns, and have hornblasters.com display

As long as you don’t change the internals of the horn, you won’t affect the sound they create. Smoothing the bore of the horn may allow better flow - but it would likely be negligible at best.

Thanks guys I just didn’t want to mess anything up, A goood friend will take care of me on the powder coating. Living in Iowa and the bad winters I just want the protection .

I just ordered the KLA5 kit for an '04 Silverado but haven’t yet installed it. I’ve been thinking about how/where to do it. The popular choice for placement seems to be where the spare tire goes. I had a thought (happens once in awhile):

I wanted to talk to a sheet metal shop and have them fabricate a metal box. The top would be open. The sides would be perpendicular to the bottom of the truck bed. The “front” of the box (the side facing towards the front of the truck) would be open, but I’d have a piece of perforated metal welded in. The horns would then be mounted inside the fabricated box and the entire assembly would be attached to the truck using the hardware that used to hold the tire in place. I’d drill 3 small holes in the bottom of the box, toward the back of the truck, so that what little snow/water got in the box would be able to drain out.

I live in MA, and have the same issue with snow/sand/salt and would like to do something to protect the horns from the elements and small stones that will kick up when driving along. Painting the whole thing flat black would, I think, also provide an extra element of concealment from any prying eyes. Yet I wouldn’t think that mounting the horns in a box like this with a perforated metal front would negatively affect the acoustics of the horns. My truck is essentially stock, so I won’t be taking it to shows. So the goal is to protect and conceal.

Whaddaya’ think?

The fab shop making the mount for my K5lAs said he would make the mount attach where the spare tire went and would also be adjustable so that I can angle it downward if I so desire to let any water drain out. His design is keeping the horns up close to the bed and that they will be very hard to see from the rear, if need be he said he could make a deflector type sheild to go front of the horns if it looks like water and debris is a problem. The K5s fit really nice on the 2008 chevy, not a lot of extra room but you can get them up high and tight to the crossmember. I should have horns and the mounts back the first of the week and maybe get some pictures posted.

Sounds great. Look forward to seeing the pics! Thanks

Got them done in a semi gloss black [/IMG]



When you guys talk about 1/2 " lines are you talking inside diameter or outside

1/2 dot airline id 1/2 outside i do belive

Looks good. Is that a new K5LA or one that has been redone?