Powder coating k3s

I bought my first set of Nathan’s a couple days ago and I’m about to send them to powder coat. I’m just making sure that the horns need to be completely disassembled before sand blast and powdering right?

Welcome. I’m unsure if they need to be disassembled first but these guys should know. My forte is air compressors.

Yeah I couldn’t imagine leaving them together. Welcome

That what I was thinking. I’ve fully disassembled them and shipping them to powder coat tomorrow. Thank you for your responses and information.

the heat process will melt the rubber on the diaphragms. If I remember right you bake powder coat at like 300 degrees.

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Yeah heat-wise I was thinking of the cushion rings, but you also wouldn’t want powder or blast media down the throat & be trapped.

Yeah I took all the cusion rings out and gaskets. How can you tell which notes your chime plays?

There are numbers on the sides of the bells. If yours is a K3LA it should have 1, 2, 4a bells. I would have to look up the musical notes though.

Ohh alright thank you. I did notice numbers on the side of th trumpets.