Power Distribution

ok i have a 2006 mega cab with lots of extra electronics

400c viair
500watt amp
hid headlights 35watt
hid fog lights 35 watt
hid reverse lights 35 watt
led zenith gauge
led halo lights
2 1/2" solenoids
led taillights
and ive been conisdering adding another compressor

anyway i was using a street wires distribution block and it was working great but i feel like every other couple weeks to a month im walking out to fix something the block stop putting out power to one of the blocks or something


i cant imagine most people have a bunch of wire going to the positive post

also everything was relayed just about amp,compressor,valves,

i just want a good way to put out power to all of my accesories without having 20 o rings on the battery post any advice tips or opinions or whatever would be great

I have a rear battery that acts as a distibution block.
3-4 main ring terminals connect to the battery terminals.
One of which goes to a bus stud off to the side for a lot of little things.

I don’t see why your distribution blocks wouldn’t work if all the connections are good and the wires / fuses are sized right.

yeah i really liked my set up i think its because i had to much being drawn by different slots on the block

and my compressor definalty pulls too much for it idk

I’d start with adding another battery and running smaller distro blocks dedicated to specific systems (one for audio, one for horns, etc.) so that if something fails you’re not trying to figure out what caused the problem.

Also consider getting a more heavy duty battery, like the Group 31 series. Since you have the Hemi it should be easy to add the second battery tray from the Mega Cab with the Cummins and then add the new batteries.


Be aware that Optima batteries don’t like large current draws very often. They may work for you but we’ve heard from many people that they don’t last under those conditions.

If you are going to go with a second battery, you may think about a battery that is designed for those kind of loads… like a stinger battery.

Click Here to see what I"m talking about.

Those are just like Odyssey, Deka, & Kinetic