Power distro block with relay connectors

So what I’m after is a power distribution block similar to what we have in our cars and trucks, with some 87 relay connections, for a winter project I’m working on.

I’m going to install this in my UTV/Side by Side for some add-ons like light bars, pod lights, and turn singals. We’re thinking about going to Moab this year and Utah requires marker/brake lights, headlights, and turn signals.

Ideas? Or should I just snag one from an old car/truck?

I would like it to be somewhat water resistant.


I don’t know what you need but I saw a lot of options by browsing the internet.

Moab is great for sight seeing and even greater off road. Are you going there for “Easter Jeep Safari”?

We’re going to try to get down there for the UTV/Side by Side events later this year.

I’m adding a second battery with it’s own on/off switch, and I want to add some other accessories (led lights, stereo, HAM radio, turn signals, etc.). Everything is going to be on relays activated by marine grade switches and the plan is to have the relays in a weatherproof box like a fuse box/ECM/PCM on today’s cars.

I’ve seen some options, too, but the costs for some of these are just absolutely stupid. I got a quote from one place for over $600 for a power distribution box with relays and it’s all custom but didn’t include the relays or fuses.

You’d think for over $600 you’d get some 50 cent fuses and $5 relays.


For $600 I would expect more than that!

Yeah, it was basically a box with connectors and wires.

We have a race track and quarter mile strip in the area, I’ll see if I can reach out in that direction as well for some ideas.



 I haven't posted here in FOREVER.... but I thought I would say this... If you have a "West Marine" near you, check them out... they have a complete circuit block for about $80 and will get you 12 circuits... check this out...


That just might do it, thanks n20!


Anytime… that’s what I’m going to use when I finally get another truck… I"m going to have a custom police style console in it with 2 radios, a bank of switches, some USB and power connectors and gauges (battery voltage, airtank pressure, etc…)

The switches will be used for:

  1. Train horns & Police type horn (Double throw momentary switch)
  2. Air Compressor(s)
  3. Spare Battery Isolation
  4. External off-road lighting
  5. USB ports (rear for kids) & custom Jumper Cables
  6. Possibly truck bed lighting
  7. Spare

You can get customized rocker switches at www.rockerswitchpros.com

A little pricey ($25 - 35 each switch), but look to be WELL worth the money… because of customization of the buttons.

I’m surprised you’re staying electric and not switching to an engine driven compressor.

Mine is still going strong but I have an air leak and it was 7 degrees today … guess who isn’t catching pneumonia by laying on a concrete floor that’s in the single digits?


I thought about going EDC, but I don’t know of a “good” company to go with… not to mention I don’t have a truck yet… and stuff has come up that is going to limit when I get a truck… :frowning:

I did find this company here: http://www.extremeoutback.com/

but I don’t know how to make a bracket to make it work correctly… not to mention I don’t know what I would need to make it work… I would LOVE to go EDC, however.

I thought about putting some shockers on my Chevy Malibu… but I wouldn’t know where to put them… yet…

I don’t blame you for laying on the floor… however, you COULD put a heater outside…

Actually, go here and save a little $$$$


Extreme Outback is what I’m running. Absolutely no complaints except I replaced my power steering lines since the instructions called for bending them near the pump, and I didn’t want to kink those metal lines.

It does require a special grease, but I’m still on my first tube. A few pumps every couple months is all it needs.


Alright bro… I purchased one of those power distro blocks I showed you a few posts ago… lemme tell you… I’m DEFINITELY going to use this thing when I finally get another truck… I purchased it on EBAY for $35 (link below) and took it apart to see just how good it would be for me to use…

First thing I noticed is that it has about a 1/8" (guessing) stud for the power cable. That stud connects to a pretty thick bar that branches off to 12 individual power connectors. It is stated by the manufacturer (Blue Sea Systems) that each is capable of handling 30 amps, which I believe it would.

I’ve taken a couple of pictures of this system (including taken apart) which I’ll post below… and the center piece of metal weighs in at 1.2 oz.

It’s actually pretty thick, which is why I believe each connector is capable of 30 amps. Personally, I wouldn’t attempt 30 amps on each circuit because that would pull 360 amps total from your system and your vehicle most likely wouldn’t be able to keep up with the demand.

Links & Pictures:

eBay: http://www.ebay.com/itm/271117409911?_trksid=p2057872.m2749.l2649&ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT Although, I don’t remember the stickers being with it, but you can have custom stickers made by the company for $5 each (not totally worth it, IMO, but I might do it later)

<pictures will be shown as soon as I can get them uploaded>

If you have questions, let me know.

POWR-BLOKS power distribution blocks offer a safe,
convenient way of splicing cables, providing a fixed junction
tap-off point or splitting primary power into secondary
circuits. Lx2xxx-DIN series offers integral DIN-Rail mount
and an optional hinged safety cover.
Optional power distribution block covers provide protection
against accidental shorting between poles caused by
loose wires, tools, or other conductive material. They also
protect personnel from accidentally contacting energized
connectors. To order protective covers, match the number
of poles for the block to the cover.

The DIN rail method is a nice way to go for adding 87 relays. That will provide complete flexibility, expansion and options.