Pressure guage help

Alright guys, need some help to wire up a pressure sensor to a Edge Insight CTS. Heres some background first…

My CTS is an all in one guage display that can display many types of sensors for my truck. IE; turbo boost, trans temp, etc…

They just released this product accesory for my CTS display.

Now for the real question…

How would i go about buying/installing a digital pressure sensor and hook it up to the wire harness for my CTS??

Do i just buy a digital pressure sensor? Does it come with wires already? Do i need to run voltage or is the harness that im buying provide the voltage?

So many questions but i want to make sure that its even possbile before i shell out $160 for the harness

In the owners manual on pages 28-31 it talks about the MYSTYLE Software.
It looks like you can set it up for any sensor (resistive or voltage).

Is this the right manual???

They do sell a sensor, but it’s only 100psi.