Pressure limits of K3LA

i just got a K3LA…ive had s4,a kong horn…ran them all at 200psi…just wondering if 200 is safe for the K3LA…please chime in

yes my buddy has ran 200 psi in his k5la for well over a year now and they still sound great.
edit i wouldnt go any higher on the psi tho

okay cool…my 480s only do 200 so thats fine…

Ive put mine over 220 and nothing bad happened i am not sure how much higher then 220 because my gauge stops there but its really loud when u get it up that high. At that point your almost twice as loud as an actual train! hahah

Yeah but it loses any melodic sound that it had. IMO they sound like garbage over 145 or so but no one on here really has them to sound good.

listen to hondaguy. If you actually buy a real train horn you would probably want it to sound like a train. but its your horn do as you wish.

i just want to be loud…ima put them to 200…next week ima get a graham vavle so i wont be hurting the horn to much