Pressure regulator

Well, Bixby1980 and I got my 150 psi max pressure regulator installed on my tank yesterday. The K5LA sounds sooooo much better with 150 psi constant, rather than 180-200 psi. It has a more rich and deep sound. I am very please with my set up now. I will be adding the Graham & White Metering Valve this weekend and will post reviews of it as well. At 200 psi, which many of you recommned through the K5LA, it just seemed too loud, screechy and too stressful on the horns. I have talked to several other horn buffs on different forums and they all tell me that 200 psi is too much for the K5LA. I guess it is all personal opinion. All I know is that at 150 psi this thing rocks!!!

glad your horn is sounding even better. i just got a conductors special and i cant imagine anything being louder.

K5LA’s are sick loud!

we told u 200 was too much lol :slight_smile:

we told u 200 was too much lol

LOL…more people told me to run 200 psi than 150 psi…lol…

i posted that it might damage the horns and sound like crap :slight_smile:

I’ve used 200psi. with no probs., but am pushing 175psi now…just in case. If you use a metering valve most of the time then 200psi. wouldn’t matter compared to using a solenoid. Since I use both I decided to push the happy medium.