Pressure Switch broken? Brand NEW!

So I just got my Shocker 540 kit yesterday and installed it today.

Everything ran smooth. Compressor kicked on right away when all finished and filled to 150PSI.

I then used the horns till the horns would not sound, but the compressor would not kick on.

I checked all the wiring and rewired it again and again and it would not work.

Now I just have it running off of the toggle switch wired to the pressure switch.

Only problem, the compressor will keep filling until the safety valve goes off, and it won’t kick back on when the tank is drained.

Do I need a new pressure switch??

Also does tightening the pressure switch too much break it?
I tightened it pretty good then saw the “Hand tighten loosely” sign on it.
I’ve been working on it with my buddy for 10 hours and no progress…what do I do:confused:

Give hornblasters a call.

Sounds like it to me.

Check your ground… Overtightening can strip the threads as they are only 1/8" npt…

And if u are tightening by turning the box… use a wrench instead…

Will that fix it?

The thread size on the Hornblasters Pressure switch, with built in relay, is 1/4".
Future reference, please read before installing.

Switch should be to you in 5 business days.

Let us know what happens brudda!

If he has the 540 kit tho, wouldnt he have the viair 110-150 PS with 1/8" threads… :wink:

Unless the 540 kit is shipping with HB Pressure switches and the info online is wrong :confused:

I just ordered a new pressure switch, so everything should be cool, now just gotta find the leak i got

Luck up at garretts post… He allready has one shipping your way :wink:

yea i got the blue one with my 540 kit.