pressure switch; engages late

I have a hornblasters blue fully weatherized 110/150PSI pressure switch + relay all-in-one thing and over the past few hornings it has engaged a bit late, the PSI has to go down farther than 110 before it provides power to the compressor.
The next time I horned it engaged only when PSI was probably below 100PSI.

Then, the next time it never provided power to the compressor, my tank is drained. There is no power coming out of the relay.

Could this be because of gunk in the pressure switch? What is the best procedure for cleaning it?

They sure have raised the price of it, it used to be something like $35 (if I remember right) but now it’s near $70.

The Viair variety with the same features is only $25 shipped on Hornblaster’s Ebay store;
The only thing not cool is the 1/8" NPT male fitting

You could use an electronic spray cleaner or if its under warranty ask for a replacement. Hornblasters staff are pretty easy to work with and want to help you get back to horning. :slight_smile:

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Yeah they in fact are offering to give me another one even though I’m out of warranty. The warranty period is 1 year and I’ve had them for 2 years but since I’ve bought other stuff at Hornblasters, namely a refurbished Viair, they’re probably going to send me another one. Great company!:slight_smile:
I’ll probably try to fix this one too.

So electronic spray cleaner and not something like carb cleaner or brake cleaner? It makes sense

Yeah i would use electronic spray because it doesnt leave a residue behind and is static free.

3m makes a good one and is on amazon for like 8 bucks or so.

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It’s getting close to that time of year when moisture can freeze inside the switch and cause all kinds of problems.

Hasn’t freezed over yet. So, I got the replacement pressure switch, the same model as what I have. I installed it, works fine so far. Thumbsup to Hornblasters. I wonder how long this one will last.

Does anybody want to see a take apart video/slideshow of the pressure switch? I’m not that interested in fixing it since I doubt I could make it 100% reliable again.

Well it looks to be entirely encased in resin/plastic! I made one heck of a mess on my clothes, the back deck dremeling this pressure switch. There is the blue outer part and then black is the inner resin. The resin probably goes all the way through. I got to some component and there was no inner metal chassis or anything so looks to be fully encased in resin.
Guess I can’t take it apart then!

My clothes still smell like burnt plastic, glad it was windy today