Pressure switch not working.

Ok I have 2 comps and 2 pressure switches they are viair ones with in built relay all wired correctly.

Pretty much even though I have 12v on the load wire (white) nothing can swap compressors ect still nothing.

Are they openable? Just want to see what’s inside if it’s only the relay part Maybee I can fix it.

Do have new pressure switches here but they are 1/4 npt with nonrelays.

Usually they aren’t fixable, and it’s easier just to source a new one.


I’ve got a new one (Bare switch)

But thought I may as well crack it open and have a look.

Crack open the old one and have a look then.


Not sure if there openable and how to do it. Viair has given me something to try which I’ll do on the weekend.