Pressure Switch? or something else

My system stopped working. The pump works fine if connected direct to power. I am wondering if my pressure switch has died. Is it common for these to fail? It is mounted horizontally off the end of the tank. Worked great for the first year. Or could i have cooked the relay?


Check your relay, check your grounds, check your P.S.

yea my switched burned up too… i still have yet to replace it…lol

Relay - OK
Ground - Solid!!
Switch - Smoked.

Is the pressure switch mounted up high on tank? When you removed it from the tank, was there scale and rusty slag in the orifice?

Was this a stand alone relay and a stand alone pressure switch? If so, you may want to get a multi-meter out and see what the maximum amp draw was on the switch. They’re good for no more than 20 amps. The lower the amp draw on them, the longer they’ll last - which is why we always recommend proper fusing and using a relay to turn the pressure switch on and off via the relay.