pressure switch question

hey guys if i hook a toggle switch to my main power wire do i have to hook the little red wire(ignition switch) up or can i leave it off? thanks jordan starnes

You have the pressure switch with the relay built in?
There needs to be power to the ignition wire - also called the trigger wire.
Usually you would put your toggle on this wire because is draws low amperage.
Whether the trigger wire goes to a ‘key on’ source or directly connect with your main power wire is up to you. If wired direct, you run the risk of draining your battery without the engine running.

If, for some reason you REALLY want the switch on your main power wire, it should be rated high enough to handle the full amp load of the compressor. A switch on the ignition wire can be a mini toggle.

Does that answer - or what are you trying to do?

if i understood you correctly, it needs to be hooked up,i tried the same thing.

btw what kit you have.

k5la airchime with 5gal tank and a 450c compressor